electric motor double insulation

Electric motors must be insulated properly to extend its life.

Double Insulation & Armature Shaft Insulation for Electric Motors

Insulation class and temperature ratings are vital considerations for electric motor life. So the key to insulating a motor and extending its life is the maximum temperature the motor experiences, the temperature capabilities of all the system components and the qualities of the insulation system itself. Some insulation components are relatively standard; enamel coating of the magnet wire, insulating the leads coming into the conduit box, etc. Others are not as obvious, but are critically important; especially at higher temperatures. These components include:

  • Insulation sleeving on the joints where the leads connect to the magnet wire.
  • Also the lacing string used to bind the end turns of the motor.
  • And insulating slot liners which are used to protect wiring from chafing.

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