Design Process

Design Process

Electrolock custom design process

Before we design any product, we get to know the unique characteristics of your problem to ensure a successful solution.

Technical Specialists

Our technical specialists have pioneered insulation solutions for numerous industries. Our understanding of innovative designs and process improvements come from years of high-performance spiral wound tubing design and a connection with a global network of suppliers. We offer a wealth of design and manufacturing experience and services to many markets including electrical power equipment, electronics, home appliances and automotive.


How we work

Our commitment to quality is a guarantee that the high performance tubing product we create for you will meet your most demanding performance requirements.

"Okay" is not okay at Electrolock. It's right or it's wrong. There is no in between. That philosophy is based on our experience that products often come up short for the one thing they can't quite achieve, not for the things they may do right.

insulation and thermal laboratory

Electrolock's state-of-the-art laboratories offer access to the latest testing technologies to examine, evaluate and perfect emerging thermal and electrical insulation possibilities.

In fact and in practice, our quality control process starts long before we even get to manufacturing. It begins in initial meetings with you, our technical sales specialists, and our design engineers. This team works with you to define the problem, then design, manufacture and test the solution.

We work together with our customers to develop a "Functional Design Specification" which is a critical part of our design and quality process. This specification then guides the entire process from start to finish. During each phase of the process, the team addresses and re-addresses every aspect of the project; drilling down to the essence of the application's performance criteria: How important is this facet? Is it necessary? Is it critical? Is it crucial? Is it cost-effective? Is there a better way? Is this the best way?

As the team's design efforts are fleshed out, strict quality control policies of the manufacturing process are initiated: beginning with incoming material inspections, through each step of the manufacturing process, and ending with testing and statistical evidence that the product meets every stated specification.

Quality control, from start to finish, assures the creation of a superior quality, spiral wound tubing product that meets your precise insulation requirements- and does so within your budget parameters.

Converting Services

Our state of the art converting processes, in combination with our engineering expertise, allow us to deliver our products in a format that meets your needs. Electrolock spiral wound tubing can be fabricated to inner diameters from .065 up to 4.0 inches. It can be cut to any specified length or supplied in continuous length quantities. Other tube converting services include notching, sonic welding and heat forming.

Quality Assurance

We make it a point to understand the design, process and cost considerations of your insulation requirements. Our engineers, technical specialists and extensive network of resources bring the experience and know-how to your applications. We work with you to define the problem, then design, manufacture and test the solution. To assure you receive reliable, superior quality spiral wound tubing, Electrolock has strict quality control policies at each step of the manufacturing process. This begins with incoming material inspection and ends with statistical evidence that each product meets the specified customer conditions. Our commitment to quality guarantees that the end product meets your most demanding performance requirements.

Leading Edge Technology

Both customers and suppliers have access to the latest technology in our analytical and process laboratories. The analytical lab provides prototype development and materials testing. The process lab is used to determine how materials will perform in your process. See a detailed description of our lab testing capabilities and learn how we can assist you in developing a new product or finding a better solution for your application's requirements.

Please contact us today to see how we can meet your challenge.

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