battery sleeve insulation

Electrolock meets the unique needs of many markets including the military and hybrid electric vehicle markets.

Electrolock can meet the requirements of your market.

Insulation sleeves for EV, HEV and PHEV batteries
Under hood dielectric barriers and heat shields for ignition, fuel, brake, power steering and exhaust systems

Electrical insulation of relays, thermostats, sensors, electrical components such as capacitors and switches

Power Equipment
Insulation for jumper connections in random wound motors, transformer bolt insulators, core insulation for bobbin wound units and motor lead insulation

Thermal and electrical insulation for thermal cutouts, heating elements, connectors, and speaker voice coil

Food / Beverage
Biodegradable drinking straws: paper or plastic

Medical / Pharmaceutical
One-time use applicators for swabs, etc.

Materials that reduce the rate of heat transfer




Wire and Cable

Electric motors/generators

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