Electrolock-Spiflex Flexible Thin Wall Insulation Tubes/Sleeves

Spiflex flexible insulation tubing

Spiflex flexible thin wall insulation tubing can be manufactured to meet your exact needs.

Spiflex is a highly engineered, thin walled, flexible tube that is designed to maintain a high degree of flexibility without developing crease lines that cause premature flex fatigue failure found in other thin wall tubes. It has a "memory". Spiflex has a proprietary surface treatment that allows the surface to bond well with polyester varnishes. This flexible tubing has excellent abrasion resistance, is chemically resistant to refrigerants and offers high dielectric strength as well as thermal endurance classes from 130° C to 220° C based on material design.

Availability of Spiflex F/Spiflex P

Spiflex can be manufactured to your specific diameter, wall thickness and length. Normal diameter range is .250" to 2.00" with wall thickness of .002" - .0010". Spiflex can be made from a variety of high performance flexible films, papers and foils. Custom colors are also available.

Spiflex Flexible Tubing Technical Chart

Flexible Nomex®/Aluminized Polyimide Tubing

flexible sleeving

Spiflex offers thin walls, exceptional thermal endurance, reflectivity, light weight, and flexibility.

Flexible tubing made of Nomex®/aluminized polyimide is constructed from paper on the inside diameter and an outside layer of aluminized polyimide film. These spiral wound tubes are designed for requirements involving high thermal endurance conditions in under the hood automotive heat shields. This product offers thin walls, exceptional thermal endurance, reflectivity, light weight, flexibility and can be compressed or elongated for unique configurations.

Availability of Flexible Nomex®/Aluminized Polyimide Tubing

These spiral wound tubes can be produced to your required diameter, wall thickness and length. Tubes can be produced in sizes from .500" - 2.00" expanded inside diameter.

Flexible Nomex®/Aluminized Polyimide Tubing Technical Chart

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